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In Lazzoni, our mission is to share our passion for what we do with every individual that walks through our doors. Our showrooms are spaces where you can experience Lazzoni's mindset in every area from craftsmanship and quality to one-on-one design service. Schedule a personal appointment or simply walk in to explore our selection of premium-quality fabrics and materials. 


Woonmall Alexandrium
Watermanweg 21B, 3067GA, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Monday 13:00-17:30 hrs
Tuesday 10:00-17:30 hrs
Wednesday 10:00-17:30 hrs
Thursday 10:00-17:30 hrs
Friday 10:00-21:00 hrs
Saturday 10:00-17:30 hrs
Sunday 12:00 - 17:00 hrs

+31 10 669 0 669

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