Our Four Generations Story

We are Lazzoni and Lazzoni is much more than a furniture design house. It is a contemporary boutique of ideas, inspiration and good will that transforms spaces into homes. We acknowledge that every home is different, carrying that individual spirit and feel, unique in every one of us. This is why we put an extra emphasis on creating interiors that nurture human wellness and embody a personal sanctuary.

We achieve this with determined vision and smart furniture design. As protagonists in the epopee of urban living we have adopted small spaces as the norm. This is why at Lazzoni we care about designing aesthetical items with inbuilt functionality, where every detail is created with a meaning and purpose. From extandable coffee and dinning tables, to sofas converting into beds with storage, all our products have a role to help you enjoy every square foot of your home.

All of this has been in our DNA for generations. With history and experience of over 100 years, the core of Lazzoni is in its first three letters – “Laz people are known for building wood houses” in Northeast Turkey. We have carried this ideology throughout the generations to associate it with the more contemporary term of sustainability. All of our products are created with minimal affect to the environment, essential for the healthy living we aspire to. Our affordable pricing does not compromise quality. High-end production is guaranteed by exceptional European craftsmanship with great attention to the smallest of details, infusing tradition and style into every piece with the Lazzoni tag. We find inspiration in young, emerging designers and artists who carry the energy of our generation and the eclectic vibe of today.

And once again, we are much more than a furniture design house. We embrace the concept of well-being in your home and once we step out, we want to give back to the community, to the person next door in need, to those without a home. As a humble gesture, a certain percentage goes back to people in need, because we believe that everyone deserves a happier place to call home.

In our Lazzoni family we have a promise. A promise to ourselves, to always preserve our ethos and integrity for creating furniture and homes with a feeling and dedication to every square foot. A promise to our loyal customers to challenge the status quo, to develop functionalities and design that is not defied by space. A promise, to never laugh when the occasional passerby falls asleep on a bed in the showroom. And above all, a promise to keep spreading the philosophy of the Lazzoni lifestyle for generations to come.

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