A Green Factory

All articles of Lazzoni adopt sustainability as a design principle. Manufactured with the self-generated electricity of the solar panels installed in our factory, we offer solutions and resources for energy needs with 3,150 solar panels.

We grow our roots to future with the energy of the Sun

Green Workforce

Our 600,000 sq ft manufacturing facility works just like 6,315 trees do in one year, preventing 1 million 500 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


Our new paint robot 'BUMBLEBEE', can paint up to 400 chairs a day by copying the skill of Lazzoni artisans with its “self-learning” technology.



Years of mastery is what makes us good in every step . Handcrafted details made by expert artisans make every piece unique to its master.



We follow the most recent innovations in manufacturing for the ultimate efficiency in our processes, bringing out the best quality in every article.

Encompassing 5 factories

within 1 facility

Wood Panel Manufacturing

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, we can manufacture for even the largest hotels with our in-house engineered wood panel manufacturing.


All our top-quality fabrics are resourced locally. They are then retreated and prepared to create your perfect sofas, chairs, and beds.

UV Lacquering

Being home to the largest UV lacquering line in the Eastern Europe, all our products are manufactured following the world-renowned guidelines for the safest lacquer paint.


All our durable sofa frames are metal and manufactured in-house. So that you can have a good rest with the lifetime warranty.

Artisanal Carpentry

With our team of masterly craftsmen who dedicated years of work to carpentry, every detail of wood becomes a work of tradition.

With every action, we are one step closer to mastering sustainability.