Our Policy

To give a taste of Lazzoni comfort to the people who live in the world metropolises and have a unique taste and to spread the eclectic style of Lazzoni to the world.
Being a “Lovemark” with our unique designs, our world-class quality products, employees who embraced Lazzoni culture, project managing approach, and unconditional customer satisfaction beyond expectations.
Quality Product and Designing
We are the finest quality furniture brand in Turkey and we are a pioneer in design, fashion-determining, and producing personalized products
World Metropolises
We are in the hearts of the furniture centers of metropolises.
Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
We are here for our customers. We approach, every situation before and after-sales, in a solution-oriented manner.
Human Resources
We are here with our trustworthy, friendly, and Lazzoni culture and vision embracing team.
As LAZZONI Furniture;
with our personalized designs,
with our world-class quality products and services
with our furniture craftsmanship from past to future which is combined with today’s technology,
with our qualified employees who adopted Lazzoni culture and its founding values and corporate which adopted unconditional customer satisfaction,
with fulfilling the applicable conditions and providing the value that customer demands by continuous developments on our quality system,
we adopt being a “Lovemark”.
As LAZZONI Furniture;
We assure;
that we provide communication options which our customers can file their complaints, expectations, recommendations, and satisfactions through,
that we are open to all kinds of feedback from our customers AND we will effectively hold this information as we objectively solve these feedbacks in a customer-oriented approach and in principles of accessibility, confidentiality, transparency, and credibility,
that we are activating the continuous development and enhancement philosophy through all of our processes with our professional staff and perspective,
that we are delivering solutions by being in compliance with standards, legal legislations, and customer demand.
We establish a customer-corporate relation, which is strong, true, and direct and also provides continuity, for our products and services we provide to our customers.
As LAZZONI Furniture;
in order to manage and eliminate the risks and threats against our corporate values and informational assets, we assure;
that we abide by all of the laws, legislations, and contracts related to Information Security.,
that we manage all of the potential threats against our informational assets and values in an organized manner,
that our Information Security Management System(ISMS) is in compliance with ISO 27001:2013 standard and we will assure that the system to be improved continuously,
that we provide regular and up to date training for our employees about Information Security Awareness,
that all of our shareholders abide by the rules of the Information Security Management System which are constituted in compliance with ISO 27001:2013.