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What type of wood is used?

Engineered wood is a form of furniture surface which we use in all our wood finishes. It is %100 ecological, man made and by far the most durable surface finish that has ever been used in furniture industry.

Interior of our composite wood is made out of %100 recycled wood which are bounded together by heat compression. No chemicals are used in this process, which could be harmful to any human or animal.

It's %40 lighter than natural/solid wood and %25 lighter then MDF, %10 lighter wood veneer. It is NOT wood veneer, MDF or Laminate. Engineered wood is the most technological and latest material used in ecological furniture manufacturing industry.

It doesn't kill any forest, as a matter a fact in Scandinavian countries cutting trees are banned for the use of furniture industry. Its also punishable with imprisonment.

The engineered wood surface finish is latest and the most technological process used in furniture industry. And as Lazzoni we are one of the largest manufacturer in Europe.

Our surface is scratch and water resistant and carries the same exact characteristic, painted and stained solid wood but its %50 lighter, 5 times more durable, %100 eco-friendly. That's why we offer the best wood furniture surface finish that there is.

Lacquer Paint
- Made in Italy - Was founded 1933
- Water based paint
- Low VOC emission
- Anti-yellowing
- Resistance to Liquid
- The paint workshops have been designed in accordance with the most modern system technologies available in order to ensure maximum guarantee and constant quality of the products.