Sky Building, New York, United States

Sky Building, New York, United States

The apartment in Sky Building, located in Midtown Manhattan district of New York, is designed with Lazzoni products.

Designing Phase | of the Project
It is intended to create a chic corner for chatting with armchairs used in the living room surrounded with wide glasses that invite the scene of New York to the apartment. Hexa is preferred for bedroom to create a different ambiance with its prismatic headboard and a geometric texture is achieved and attention is paid on the fabrics chosen for furniture and it was intended to have fabrics in calm color tones to ensure that they do not compete with overall scene of the apartment.

Shop that designed the project: Lazzoni Chelsea
Products used in the project: Hexa Bed, Trella Tv Unit, Tolina Armchair, Gona Coffee Table, Mony Sofa

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