Private Residence, Moscow, Russian Federation

Private Residence, Moscow, Russian Federation

Located in the Fili Park area in the Russian capital of Moscow, the luxurious and exclusive residence was designed by the famous designer Anastasia Muravyeva. Lazzoni products gave life to the residence in the project that Muravyeva started with the aim of designing a modern and stylish home!

Designing Phase of the Project
The flat project of 140m2 was set out with the theme of "creating a comfortable, undemanding interior". The project, which exactly coincides with the style of designer Muravyeva, stands out as a place in Moscow that combines simplicity with stylish details.

Products Used in the Project: Gola Armchair - Eva Bergere - Slim Chair - Pietra Center Table - Hera Table - Armada Chair - Gema Bed

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