One57 New York, United States

One57 New York, United States

New York, The United States The luxurious residence in One57 which enriches the silhouette of New York City, has been designed with the products of Lazzoni!

Designing Phase of the Project
Since the residence lets the sunshine in, the products and fabrics were selected accordingly. In order to prevent the products to challenge the cityscape, the products have been selected in wood and light tones. In the bedroom, dark and masculine tones are selected with the aim of catching a smooth harmony.

- Store Designed the Project: Lazzoni Madison
- Products Used in the Project: Met Modular, Ikon Wing Chair, Flat Dining Table, Amada Coffee Table, Contro Chair, Ocean Console, Slim Chair, Istanbul Bed, Eva Wing Chair, Double Bed, Ada Wing Chair, Vetro Modular, Puplion Desk, Dia Office Chair

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