Beysupark Housing, Ankara, Turkey

Beysupark Housing, Ankara, Turkey

Hillside Houses, villas and high-rises located in Beysupark Housings are designed by paying attention to aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Social activities and green fields are included in the project in accordance with the needs and Ankara’s most prestigious housing project is made.

Designing Phase of the Project
Triplex villa located in Beysupark Housings, which have been in operation as a small city located far from the city, was designed by using the products of Lazzoni!

- Store Designed the Project: Lazzoni Siteler Store
- Products Used in the Project: Luna Sofa, Modern Chester, Ada Wing Chair, Gola Modular, Gona Coffee Table, Contro Chair, Fly Table, Floresta Console, Budka Sofa, Contro Wing Chair, Hexa Bed, Tuta Bed

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