Alfardan Tower, Doha, Qatar

Alfardan Tower, Doha, Qatar

The Show Flat of Alfardan Tower, which is located in the middle of Doha, the capital of Qatar, has been designed with the products of Lazzoni!

Designing Phase of the Project
- Design: While Mony Corner Sofa places at the corner of the living room, Relax Wing Chair with rotatable legs is attached to the living space. As for the bedroom, İstanbul Bed, headboard of which consists a combination of geometric figures and a reading light, has brought a modern style to the place. - Store Designed the Project: Lazzoni Designed Works Department
- Products Used in the Project: Mony Sofa, Relax Wing Chair, Amber Coffee Table, Bade Sideboard, Armada Chair, Slim Chair, Raena Table, Ocean Console, Tena Mirror, Alone Wing Chair, İstanbul Bed, Stone Nightstand, Ria Side Table, Paura Console, Balloon Mirror

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